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September 2013 Newsletter

Ed Taylor Construction outlines whether tilt-wall construction would be beneficial to your next project. Also, a recap of the interesting challenges faced while completing an interior buildout for Orange Business Services.

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July 2013 Newsletter

Hurricane season is quickly approaching, how well are your facilities prepared for potential disastrous storms? Learn about our current project of USF’s Office of Research and Innovation and Larry Meckley discusses his thoughts on business renovations.

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June 2013 Newsletter

Commercial construction is gaining momentum in the Tampa Bay area. Ed Taylor Construction is a part of this growth with the completion of renovations to The Historic Birchwood Hotel in downtown St. Petersburg. Vice President Mark Weaver discusses his opinion on the how this rise will affect costs.

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May 2013 Newsletter

Ed Taylor Construction adds a unique touch to the new USAmeriBank branch on Westshore Boulevard with highly detailed coin replicas in the floor tiles. In St. Petersburg, a quick renovation of The Edwards Group headquarters was completed in 3 1/2 weeks and renovations of five luxury home plate suites at Tropicana Field were ready for the Tampa Bay Ray's opening day. Ben Jackson discusses how working with an architect on projects can be done effectively.

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April 2013 Newsletter

Effective project management and extensive coordination are crucial to the success of building an 82,000-square-foot office and training facility in Largo for Parallon Business Solutions and a new distribution center for Coca-Cola in North Tampa. Ed Taylor Construction would like to welcome Katie Waldridge, our new Director of Business Development.

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