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May 2013 Newsletter

//May 2013 Newsletter

May 2013 Newsletter

Ed Taylor finishes USAmeriBank Westshore branch, featuring artistic replicas of coins in the floor

Walking into the new USAmeriBank branch on Westshore Boulevard in Tampa, your eye is immediately drawn to the floor. Set in the imported Italian porcelain tile are large, raised representations of coins. The tin coin replicas are scaled from actual sizes – for example, the quarter is 11 inches in diameter while the penny, pictured at right, is 8 inches in diameter.

It was no easy task for Ed Taylor Construction to place the coins in the tile. First, it took more than a month to grind down the floor to a level where tile could be placed. Then, they had to laser cut holes in each tile where the coin replicas would be placed and then set.

Ed Taylor began work in November, gutting the interior of an existing building previously home to Continental Jewelers. They renovated interior and exterior walls, which now feature Italian paneling and teak wood accents. Another innovative detail of the branch (which opened last month): an all-glass conference room facing Westshore Boulevard and featuring a backlit USAmeriBank logo.

“The accent materials take the look-and-feel of the branch to another level,” said Rick Milton, superintendent for Ed Taylor and lead on the project. “This branch took a lot of meticulous work, which has resulted in a standout presence on Westshore for USAmeriBank.”

Renovation of office for The Edwards Group is done in 3 ½ weeks, working around employees

Ed Taylor Construction recently completed renovations for The Edwards Group headquarters, located at 150 2nd Ave N in St. Petersburg (the Wells Fargo building downtown). The 13,299-square-foot space had been vacant for four years and was sorely in need of updating.

Renovations included creation of executive offices for former St. Petersburg mayor Rick Baker, now President of the Edwards Group, and Bill Edwards, Owner of the company. As part of the renovation, Ed Taylor also built a break room for employees, and handled flooring and painting.

The Edwards Group has quickly become one of the most high-profile companies in the Tampa Bay area: It owns The Club at Treasure Island, manages the Mahaffey Theater, and is planning renovations and new tenants for the former BayWalk shopping complex, which it purchased last year. The renovations to its offices were completed in just 3 ½ weeks, and the office is now fully operational.

“We are proud to specialize in ‘occupied renovation,’ doing our work even as a company’s employees continue to occupy the space,” said Greg Walbrun, a Senior Project Manager with Ed Taylor Construction, and lead on the Edwards Group project. “It makes things easier for clients when they can continue to go about their workday even while space is under construction.”

Freshening up five of the Rays’ luxury suites

Ed Taylor Construction teamed up with the Tampa Bay Rays to renovate five of the team’s luxury home plate suites at Tropicana Field.

The company gutted and rebuilt two of the suites, replacing the floors and wallpaper, installing new tile and renovating the bathrooms. The work also included painting the suites and refinishing woodwork, and all five suites received new leather seating. The project was completed by opening day, April 2.

Ed Taylor’s relationship with the Rays started with work done to prepare for the 2012 Republican National Convention, when the company built a customized data room at Tropicana Field to ensure adequate cell phone reception for attendees of the RNC Welcome Event.

“We are excited to continue our relationship with the Rays,” said Mark Weaver, Vice President of Ed Taylor Construction, and lead on the project. “The renovations to the suites look great now that they’re completed, and we can’t wait for fans to see the improvements.”

Q&A: Ben Jackson 

Q: How does a construction company work most effectively with an architect in making plans a reality?

A: Many construction companies are taking a proactive role, partnering with the architect to ensure that every aspect of the architect’s plans will work in the actual building. This way, costly rework can be avoided.

The ability to spot potential issues is a key, as the construction company checks everything from how an air conditioning duct system fits in a crawl space to whether a certain building material will hold up as expected.

And if plans change, there can be a domino effect. For example, if it’s decided that the client wants larger windows, it could require changes to the air-conditioning system, which in turn could impact electrical needs and the structure of the unit’s supports.

With architects often being stretched from a time and manpower perspective, we find that they appreciate the collaboration and help that we can offer.

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